Capba V

Capba District 5 is part of the College of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires (CAPBA), which has been divided into 10 districts. It has its headquarters in Mercedes and has 23 branches.

Capba V's mission is to guide the professional activity of architects within the District, representing and defending the professional interests of the Collegiate.
To inform our logo redesign, we referred to the previous logo's structure. The logomark was composed of three parts representing the letters C for College, A for Architects, and the roman numeral V, together forming the acronym of the College of Architects District 5.

In order bring the logo up to date without making it unrecognizable, we made some careful aesthetic changes; choosing a brighter blue, balancing the shape of the icon, switching to a clean serif font, and introducing subtle inferred shadows to retain the depth of the old logo in a more modern and unique style.
After completing the logo, we also designed complete stationery, a mobile app, animations, social network assets, posters, packaging, event invitations, newsletter graphics, and all sorts of other documents (agendas, manual, etc.)