Capba V

District V is part of the College of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires (CAPBA), which has been divided into 10 districts.
It has its headquarters in Mercedes, and has 23 branches.
The Mission they carry out is to control the professional activity of the Architect within the District, representing it and defending the professional interests of the Collegiate.
When redesigning the graphic brand, we rely on the previous structure. The isotype is composed of three parts, which represent the letters C, A, and V. The letter C for College, A for Architects and V for the Roman number 5. Conforming the acronym of the College of Architects number 5.
We introduced aesthetic changes: internal shadows in the symbol, to simulate a fold in the tape that makes up each part of the brand, to give it a more unique and modern look.
On all identity, we can give it a current style, and day after day we update it according to the new trends.
We carried out the complete paperwork, app, animations, social networks, posters, packaging, communication of events, biennial graphics and all kinds of related documents (such as agenda, manuals, books, etc.)